April 3–10 Feedings

One of the things I was most excited for when moving out of the dorms was being able to cook meals for myself and try new  recipes. I’m here to share the recipes I try with you and offer some variations and critiques.
Here are the recipes we tried last week.

For family dinner on Sunday night, we tried this lemon chicken stir fry recipe from Lil Luna. Instead of using asparagus like the recipe calls for, we used broccoli and it was great! I used this recipe from The Adventure Bite to make my own teriyaki sauce for the stir fry. I did the “more flavored” sauce option but left out the rice vinegar and pineapple. So good. We would definitely make these recipes again.

Sam’s rating: B+ Emily’s Rating: B
On Monday, I made this southwest spice rub pork tenderloin from The Kitchn. We liked this recipe but want to play around with it because we think it has so much potential. We’re thinking about adding cocoa or coffee to it!


Sam’s rating: B Emily’s Rating: B+

We got take-out on Wednesday night from what may be my new favorite restaurant in town, Rodeo. I’m surprised a restaurant so cool exists here. We’ll have to do a review of it in another post. But for now, here’s a snapchat of my tacos.

On Friday night we invited some friends over and made this pepper steak from Gimme Some Oven with rice noodles. It had quite a few steps so it took awhile to prepare, but the results were worth the wait.


Sam’s rating: A Emily’s Rating: A

That’s what we fed the Beast last week, folks! Happy feeding.


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